Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lurker Fished Out

I got my Lurker achieve!

Turns out, it's very easy to get solo, and without fighting anything!

1. Step 1 - group up with your alt. I normally scream in Trade or ask a guildie to invite me on my bank alt. Then I re-log on my main, ask for invite, and get lead. Then the person can leave and I end up in a raid group with my DC'd bank alt.

2. Purchase a few stacks of Noggenfogger Elixir and a few Elixirs of Water Walking.

3. Enter Serpentshrine Cavern (BC - Zangarmarsh, middle of the Serpent Lake, dive down through a pipe into the oilfang Reservoir). After two elevators, go left.

4. Drink Noggenfogger until 'Slow Fall' procs, drink water walking and jump down. Run to Strange Pool, a few casts, and you'll get it!

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