Friday, July 9, 2010

Blacksmithing Leveled to 400

If you're following this at all, you know that I've dropped my 450 Mining in favor of 400 Blacksmithing because of the awesome extra two sockets I get ... Well, I do see a DPS increase of about .5k based on my weekly VOA25 runs. Because my rotation is extremely predictable, and the second fire boss in VOA is a silly 'tank and spank', I can tell you that instead of my usual 10k I do 10.5-10.7k. ICC is a different story due to its inherent variety, but overall I am very happy with the switchover. Now if I could just bring myself to level that miner DK of mine to 65 ...

A word of caution, though ... Unless you have 5-7k gold and a bit of time on your hands, don't start leveling BM. It's a gigantic gold drain!

Also ... Have an Enchanter guildie hang around with you and DE all those greens you'll be making. The mats are worth a lot more than vendor prices for those greens, and you'll be missing out on some gold.

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