Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Banging Your Heads Against That Cold Saronite Wall

Well, sometimes it's just not clicking. We've spent the entire raidnight whaling on Sindragosa in a 25, but every attempt was a fail. Sometimes the heals would wipe all at the same time, sometimes a raid member in the second phase would not move out of the way and iceblock the entire raid ... Just not our night.

The sad thing is that we've oneshotted her just last week. What gives?!

In the above picture you can make out our entire raid completely frozen inside iceblocks due to one person lagging out, dc'ing, or missing the cues.

This does not make me hopeful that we can have a solid night trying to down Lich King in our 25, but it's what we're working with.

The good news is that I was staying alive and topping dps meters.

My biggest damage dealers were Autoshot, Steady Shot, Piercing Shots (DoT), which is consistent with Armor Penetration rating near cap and very heavy emphasis on physical damage.

I wasn't doing anything special, just moving very carefully, jump-shooting, and timing my cooldowns with procs. For example, I would wait for my Herkumi War Token to get up to 15-20 stacks, then blow all my cooldowns -- rapid fire, blood fury, kill command ... then I'd wait for Sindragosa to pull us in, drop the immolation trap, switch to aspect of the pack, run back. Of course, when my T10 procced, I'd refresh my serpent sting, although with the stop'n'go pace of this fight it was not always possible.

We got her tomorrow night ... I think fatigue was setting in and people weren't thinking straight.

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