Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Hunter Blog? Yep.

So ... why another hunter blog?

Well, it's just way too fun to play a hunter in World of Warcraft! Priests stare at health bars, warlocks DOT and run, rogues AFK, paladins ... those are a special case altogether ... but hunters do one thing and they do it well. I am speaking, of course, about inflicting pain and misery on dungeons trash, world mobs, and raid bosses alike.

I am not going to attempt to be another Frostheim or one of the theorycrafters from EJ. I'll just talk about my adventures as a hunter and nothing more.

For the record, I have no other characters I play in World of Warcraft. If you press me to show you my login screen, you'll see some bank alts, a couple of level 10 toons on other servers (for research), and that's about it. This may mean I lack the expertise and perspective, but I think my ignorance makes me a better advocate of the hunter class.

Well ... enjoy, and come back often!

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